Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Story

I always had a dream to succeed to my greatest extend in life to make myself and my family proud but there is a major obstacle (student loans) that might last for a long time. Because of my student loans saving up for my plans in life such as continuing my education, having my own house, business and car will be extremely difficult. It seems like it's almost going to be life time payment unfortunately with my current economic status.

When I started college I was so excited because my parents and family were proud for my achievements. I am greatful to have parents like mine who have worked hard for my future and provide all the support they can. I would’ve never guessed that my life would completely change and become a struggle because of student loans. When I enrolled in college I was informed that I had to start of student loans. Unfortunately, I was never explained in detail about the implications of getting into the serious business of student loans before committing to it and beginning something so complicated.

I just graduated from Berkeley College in June 2011 and I am proud to be one of the first few gradutes in my family. I can say that the 40k spent on education was definitely worth it because I received great education and I achieved one of my goals in life. Currently I've barely being able to make some student loan payments. My parents try their best to help but my debt is over their capacity to contribute. Coming from a poor family who migrated from the Dominican Republic, I wish I would provide them with a better life. They are doing enough with providing me with rent and food.
I'm doing my best to solve this my self by working and researching a lot to help me understand this more because this is very new for me. I'm Currently working part-time and looking for a full-time entry level job but the economy in NY has been very rough and jobs even worst but I'm definitely not giving up. I will continue to pay what I can for my loans, look for a better job and still continue my dreams. I would greatly appreciate for any help such as knowledgeable information, ideas, suggestions and donations. Thank you for your taking your time in reading my story. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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